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  • Vladimir 23"Cosmos " concept
    Спасибо! конкретно с ним... в пластилин половину макета. А потом второй по плану и т.д
  • RoolVinil"Cosmos " concept
    Круто! Какие дальше планы на него?
  • gorbeГаз 2020
    Good Afternoon,Thanks for your reply ,I wish you the very best of luck, We all here enjoy your beautiful arts and design.
  • Ханьков Роман (RKhankov)Газ 2020
    Good morning) I'm Thinking about it for now. My idea, there will be other options. Also a salon. I will describe everything in detail while I watch the video. I may even send a letter to the GAZ plant itself.
  • gorbeГаз 2020
    Very nice work of art,But you forgot to mention either the model name,or if it is your own idea for a such, and it's very important to state that now the preference is for all electric,or at least Hybrid,very important.

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Skoda Superb Combi (2014)
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Тeги: Skoda, Superb Combi (2014), Серийные, Автомобили, Czech Republic

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"Cosmos" concept

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《LKL 1287-42》

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