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  • ВадимКопейка
    все было правильно изначально, не слушай
  • C_AtomКопейка
    Блин, точно! Ну ладно, не буду править описание:D Пускай так будет)
  • Toshchev AlexanderКопейка
    Это ж двойка) Но работа классная
  • gorbeКопейка
    Fantastic work,as always.
  • C_AtomКопейка
    Хм, не очень понял. Можешь грубо поверх нарисовать красными линиями, что имел ввиду?

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Любители a_mel

Armored UniTruck

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Опубликовано: 14.12.2015
Место: 4418
Рейтинг: 10 (количество голосовавших: 2)
Количество просмотров: 4419

Описание: Дизайн грузового бронеавтомобиля с использованием концепции шасси ЗИЛ-4972, ЗИЛ-49061, ЗИЛ-132Р, ЗиЛ-Э167, БТР-Э152В

Увеличить: 1280x794, 2200x1366

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14.12.15г. 21:31 legick  
Оценка: 5

Хорош !

15.12.15г. 00:28 gorbe  
Оценка: 5

Nice work in general, does the rear axle wheels swivel in coordination with the front (like the Russian equivalent ?, Due to wheelbase) .Russian armored wheeled vehicles nowadays already while ago adopted the anti mine V shape hull. By the way it reminds the viewer of your 2011 KrAZ Zastava (By the way Zastava is Serbian name like Fiat Zastava & Zastava Kamiony)

15.12.15г. 11:42 a_mel  

Yes, front and rear axles are swivel (like in all noted above vehicles of ZIL).
Cabin and elements of chassis were taken off KrAZ Zastava

28.12.15г. 12:55 gorbe  

Is KrAZ Zastava is your design, or just your concept? As in Serbia they mfr. Zastava Kamioni NTV 40.13 H (I think it's Fiat Zastava (Yugo mfrs.)Today they're part of Iveco (which is Fiat&Renault,and deutz truck,the Iveco civilian trucks ,often has a "Military" version rebadged as Zastava,same design as Iveco(actually old Fiat Daily ).

28.12.15г. 16:39 a_mel  

all examples in my portfolio are mine

18.12.15г. 12:17 Буланов Михаил  

Пользователь rolling забанен на месяц за спам.

28.12.15г. 12:55 gorbe  

Which user?,what name?.and why?.

28.12.15г. 22:33 Буланов Михаил  

Just use google translate. Everything is written above.

29.12.15г. 00:43 gorbe  

I's what I got " User is banned for one month rolling spam." (what's the right translation, as Rolling seems to be incorrect,could it be continues instead, and yet ,I wonder If it's me, when you typed User, and if so Why my comments consider 'spam' (which mean uninvited)?.thanks in advance to your reply,anf have happy new year(to all).

29.12.15г. 02:10 a_mel  

Mr. Rolling was banned after tRolling )))))))))))

29.12.15г. 12:50 gorbe  

Thanks,I reckon I continued,and that's whar rolling mean,like in rolling on(possibly Trolling),anywayYoiu all have a happy New year ,

29.12.15г. 13:13 a_mel  


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