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Alfa Romeo II

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Опубликовано: 28.02.2020
Место: 4313
Рейтинг: 10 (количество голосовавших: 2)
Количество просмотров: 515

Описание: sketch

Увеличить: 1280x1280, 2700x2700

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28.02.20г. 21:34 gorbe  

You need to see,the:Upcoming (I attached the photo below) Mon ami(my friend) New all-electric Citroen,Model name ami city car (Production version of '19 Geneva Ami One concept) Maybe'll debut(premier in this March upcoming 2020 Geneva salon international de(du) automobiles .Amazing grace!,How people,think alike!,(like my :Gato Chulo(Bonito/Lindo/precioso/divino en cantador,Is out now).So is the car,how ever,by another manufacturer ,In this case Citroen, which is PSA,Peugeot Citroen,and...DS(Remember the old, Citroen ID, and DS?) They are now,formally integrated with Fiat, which by the Way also owns ex Chrysler motors you could see,(understand),it'd very likely ,that if this City csr'll be successful maybe Alfa Romeo,or even Lancia ,both FIAT Div.'ll be getting to assemble this car(shown beloe), and 'll market it under their badge.So now, you'll be wiser, to work on this car,and customize it as Alfa Romeo,or Lancia,or both Good luck to you,please resubmit,the results of your conversion ,here, hopefuully ,before I submit mine to the manufacturer.Good luck to you(Buena suerte para ti).Ochen kharasho rabota!
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комментарий удален
29.02.20г. 23:05 gorbe  

Διαβάζετε κυριλλικό;Ты читаешь кириллицу?

комментарий удален
01.03.20г. 22:08 gorbe  

If you wanna(want to)) see a stupid person,and a fool at once,Just look at the mirror,Doncha(Don't you) Try to teach me,You have to live another hundred years before you'll know one tenth, of what I know, what's your IQ any way 70,or so?. you love to argue like a child.You need to grow up,and show some maturity.and respect others,I know about Cyrillic more than you 'll ever know.

29.02.20г. 15:08 Petrikin Vladyslav  

will see, thanks)

29.02.20г. 23:07 gorbe  
Оценка: 5

You welcome.Good luck.Добро пожаловать. Удачи.пожалуйста

01.03.20г. 12:32 gross_dp  
Оценка: 5

Объемы на бампере будто вдавлены умышленно. Но в целом кайф, особенно цвета)

02.03.20г. 00:23 Petrikin Vladyslav  

ну как то так вышло) спасибо!

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