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Автокорабль Retro Evolution 2080

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Опубликовано: 04.06.2019
Место: 2286
Рейтинг: 4 (количество голосовавших: 1)
Количество просмотров: 4485

Описание: Летающий автокорабль в ретро стиле.
В концепции: Автомобиль был выпущен в 2080 году в России, Затем переделан в летающее средство передвижения, по сути- это концепция первого летающего автомобиля, не имеющего каких-либо ограничений в пространстве, Он легко пилотируется, набирает скорость, высоту, снижается и маневрирует в воздухе очень плавно и отзывчиво.

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05.06.19г. 00:06 gorbe  
Оценка: 4

I was most impressed with your projection of a futuristic cityscape in the background,but got so confused as far as your last submission,the "holy" man(or Saint),or even mythological"God" observing over,what so ever Whoever heading to Mumbay (ex Bombay).Architecture is a very good field to explore.(need to avoid the pitfalls of Quicksand when erecting Skyscrapers(Skyscrapers multistory buildings erected/erection up to the clouds),without checking the underneath soil composites)

05.06.19г. 13:53 Korytov Alexandr Igorevich  

Hello Gorbe! I'm shure that you impressed about the variant of the future) So, it's just one of my variants)) Also i'm shure that i can show you a lot of interesting things which you never saw before and can't see from anyone else. If you want to see something more, just say me and we can discuss everything)) Thank you))

06.06.19г. 04:33 gorbe  

Good Morning,Noon,or evening Dear Mr. Korytov Alexander Igorevich,Your reply is greatly appreciated,Your honor sir,may not be aware,but I'm is a futurist,and spend a lot of times to study the future,the reason for it,my hobby as an individual who's deeply interested in various Science,in addition to futuristic transportation design worldwide,is my deepest interest in evolution,meaning the most intelligent branch of science,since everything is evolved,and continue evolving,evolution means change.and nowadays thanks to the evolution of the means of transmitting and spreading information,In our age of Computer,We are at the limits of the collective human knowledge,Try to imagine,Based on past information. since the Big bang period of between 12 to 14.5 Billion years ago,The Scientist basically are able to figure everything into the future,more or less accurately,,and so if anyone researching appropriately a lot of futuristic solutions,as well as Hypothesis,are reachable.Science to day could predict more or less accurately what will happens in the future,meaning if you wisely chose to dedicate yourself to Many Scientific fields of knowledge,you'll be happy about your wise choice,I wish you an happy adventure into the real wisdom of a real knowledge.

07.06.19г. 07:15 Korytov Alexandr Igorevich  

Thank you dear friend. I also hope that people can find the best way of evolution and future world life on the planet. You tell me that Science today could predict more or less accurately what will happens in the future. But what do you think by your self about the future, could you show for me something spesial? I'm sure you can show me something wonder. And could you tell me how long is the period of your dreams?

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