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  • gorbeседан
    You welcome. Good luck,I love to see you successful, ready invested a lots of time,toward your success,So you deserve to be a success.
  • Viclikседан
    I will try to follow your recommendations. Thanks!
  • gorbeседан
    Фантастические произведения искусства (как всегда), попробуйте двигаться вперед, будьте в курсе, в данном конкретном случае решетка радиатора очень сильно напоминает решетку радиатора «Кайзер Фрейзер» 1951–1954 Манхэттена, и, вам нравится (в будущее), чтобы начать включать новейшие и ...
  • gorbeШЕВРОН,говорит по-французски.
    Ecute moi, J'aime, votre coleur,(et Votre concepts tambien,) Tambien le coleur de "La vie en rose" (et la vin du midi, tam bien) et pour que il ne pas ici ?. .Verte c'est mon favorite! et le favorit de mon ami l 'clochar, et vous tam bien. (paye attention. ...
  • 23ALEXEY23ГАЗ-21 микроавтобус
    Если задрать фары выше, то получится Афалина. Мягко говоря - ну такое

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Опубликовано: 06.12.2015
Место: 2289
Рейтинг: 4 (количество голосовавших: 1)
Количество просмотров: 1386

Описание: Here is also tutorial on youtube how i do this technique

Увеличить: 1280x509, 2000x796

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06.12.15г. 20:53 Chevroletik Comarik  


07.12.15г. 00:44 gorbe  
Оценка: 4

Darmar,If you don't mind,and don't take an offence, like my chilhood art teacher Mr.Yury Alexandrov.I like to contribute for helping you with my familiarity type of correction,of your work.It's very clear that you inspired by Nissan rear end side window design.The late Mr. his great wisdom, when he saw me doing something in that manner,would explode,and holler at me saying"Pretty girl,stop the "kitch',now get serious",and I know he meant it, today in appreciacion for his cherished memory,I find it a joy to help you improve drastically.please note that Mini is own by BMW so borrowing a motif from it,help the designers in parts intercange.I like to encourage you in your efforts to improve.and life is a continues unending learning....but sometime we get distracted by strange influence of any fad style that cross our I hope you'll enjoy my "correction".
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08.12.15г. 04:32 darmar  

To be honest i wasnt inspired by Nissan, i jeaust sketched something out of my head, and to be honest i dont like this correction :/

09.12.15г. 01:57 gorbe  

I don't blame you,for not liking it,it's a matter of taste,and each individual is entitled for individualistic opinion.However, you may specify(or deliberate, about :what you don't like?, and Why.(My guess is that the somewhat traditional lines,right?!).

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