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  • N.SOKOLPorsche 911 Concept
  • N.SOKOLPorsche 911 Concept
    Может это пластика такая... Блеска не ватает, матовая она
  • DustinPorsche 911 Concept
    Зад пытается уехать вправо.
  • gorbeHKV PickUp
    Fantastic design,Congratulatio ns,We are all very proud with your progress.You always have been doing, such magnificent works,that if Russians automotive manufacturers,were wise to hire you,they were much more successful with the results.I give you 5 points out of 5,Wish you all the very ...
  • Viclikседан.
    Спасибо за оценку! Было тепло- путешествовали по свету - руки до рисования не доходили, но чесались. Сам мечтаю что-нибудь изобразить с минимальным количеством элементов - типа скромненько, но современно и со вкусом. Буду над этим работать. Ещё раз благодарю за отзыв и желаю Вам всего доброго! ...

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Образование: • 2016 – 2018 Ural State University Architecture & Arts (USUAA), Student of Department Industrial Design, Industrial Design Studio, Master of Industrial Design
• 2010 – 2016 Ural Federal University, Graduate of Institute Humanities and Arts, Department of Cultural Studies and Design, Industrial Design Speciality, Specialist degree
Языки: Russian – Native, English – Intermediate
Награды: • The Winner of SPD Sketch Fighter 2016 by Scuola Politecnica di Design
• The Finalist of the TOYOTA LOGISTIC DESIGN COMPETITION 2016; «Forklifts, like you’ve never seen them before». Concept G2. 2016
• 3rd place; Competition sketches of design projects «Dumpers BELAZ 2020-2030»; Belarus, Minsk 2014
• Successful participation in CONCEIVE DESIGN IMPLEMENT OPERATE 2015 (CDIO 2015) as the Industrial designer of «Ural Federal University» team; China, Chengdu 2015
• 3rd place; Russian Student Competition of Industrial Design FORMA; Global Industrial Design Forum «GID»; Category «Transportation Design»; INNOPROM; Yekaterinburg 2016
• 3rd place; Competition industrial designers from designer Sergey Smirnov, in the technical festival "VUZPROMFEST 2014"; Moscow 2014
• 1st place; Best in category design project of the program " Techno break through" in the Championship of working professions through high-tech industries by the method of WorldSkills; Yekaterinburg 2014
• 1st place; Competition industrial designers from designer Andrew Vostrikov, in the Festival of engineering and industrial design among the student teams "INZHPROMFEST 2014"; Moscow 2014
• Successful participation in the exhibition dedicated to transport design «AUTOMANIA XI» ; Yekaterinburg 2015
• 3rd place; International Competition of three-dimensional graphics and animation «PERSPECTIVE» in the category of «Object», General sponsor «AUTODESK»; 2015
• 2nd place; Autodesk «Shape the future 2015» competition; Category «Industrial Design»; «Dumpers BELAZ carrying capacity 36 tons»; 2015
• Successful participation in the exhibition dedicated to transport design «AUTOMANIA XII» ; Yekaterinburg 2016
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Взаимные друзья: TRUBNI

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