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  • saa4117ZX
    раскрасил свою машину
  • Master DronDacia Duster Vision 2036. Проект Артема Трофименко
    Да да, этот концепт прекрасен.
  • Tiago GuyInter smart city transit for India(Thesis Project)
    Большое спасибо за такой подробный отзыв. Действительно ценю это! И да, я согласен с вами по всем упомянутым пунктам, за исключением структуры автомагистрали, которая уже работает в некоторых местах с высококачественной инфраструктурой, специально предназначенной для общественного Taj ...
  • andrey2000HKV Smart
    однако, если установить моторчик гтрд этак лошадей на 400 получится вещь!
  • andrey2000nissan z-vision
    не люблю левые подписки....

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ФИО: Rahmani Alisuda
Образование: self and single college art class(3 points Perspective,and Alkyd/Acrylics painting) and class for Pipes drafting class class at PCC (Pasadena City College),but not an art graduate
Языки: English, and Spanish,(My original Native Inca's languages are both Aymara&Quechua ) a little German, slightly French and Italian Arabic,& few words in Farsi(Persian) is My husband ,Born in Isfahan language) (He's Iranian),I try to learn Russian∧Ukrainian, when I have time..
Опыт: llama ,Alpaca∧Vicuna shepherdess,in the past,but now, trying to master,the Paint Shop Pro 7th version, on both windows XP & Windows 7.,since in the USA Paints,and brushes, etc,(art supplies) are too expensive,I prefers the computer assist painting &sketching with virtual tools inc. brushes etc.and CG program(application) Matrix manipulations, still the HP Inks, are getting extremely expensive, so I have to refill my ink cartridges, (Which ruined already 2 of my printers,due to leaked inks),I think refilling ink cartridges, it's also a good skill to know.,I even teach my son Roshan, how to do it.
О Себе: I'm just an enthusiastic pretty Inca Native,Mixed with Spaniard(The Conquerors),I love Sciences,Transport Motor vehicles of any kind,Songs&music,Human rights&Animal rights,History Geography History of Evolution (Change)(Sciences)history,Psychology,Psychiatry,Genetics
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  • Тема: Inter smart city transit for India(Thesis Project)

    छान काम, मी तुम्हाला सर्व शुभेच्छा देतो(Marathi) Chāna kāma, mī tumhālā sarva śubhēcchā dētō शानदार काम, मैं आपको शुभकामनाएं देता हूं(Hindi) shaanadaar kaam, main aapako shubhakaamanaen deta hoon વિચિત્ર કામ, હું તમને શુભકામનાઓ કરું છું(Gujarati) Vicitra kāma, huṁ tamanē karuṁ chuṁ ...

    14 July 2019

  • Тема: Дрор Пелег, дизайнер Suzuki и преподаватель IED Turin, станет судьёй конкурса IED Sketch Fighter — 2019 ...

    Just try to set Historic facts objectively ,Created by 11 IED(HQ in Milan/o)students as part of their Masters thesis, the electric sports car "Syrma"concept of 2015(Syrma is from Greek Surma, used by the second-century Greek astronomer Ptolemy to designate this star on the Train of the Virgin's ...

    28 June 2019

  • Тема: ЗИС прототип

    Welcome,That's may be a very wise decision.

    26 June 2019

  • Тема: ЗИС прототип

    Fantastic work,believe it or not,NO KIDDING!,Last night I was thinking about a similar solution ,and started with some profile sketch, which is somewhat similar to yours (by accident) it's at this stage very different,but similar logic, it's more like ZIM or even ZIL if you like But in reality ZIS ...

    26 June 2019

  • Тема: Машина без крыши

    Nice work,you forgot to add windshield(windscree n)

    22 June 2019

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