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  • C_AtomVW-настальгия
    Да, первый было бы интересно посмотреть с разных ракурсов)
  • Korytov Alexandr IgorevichHEDONISM AUTO RUSSIA
    Обратились ко мне за дизайном интерьера мерседеса, выполнив всю работу, не получил ни копейки расчета, постоянно отговорки какие-то. Вел переговоры с Марком его номер телефона: 8-968-751-72-22. Причем я неоднократно шел им на встречу и всегда снижал тарифы до минимума. Не буду больше с И не ...
  • Alf8VW-настальгия
    Первый шикарный!
  • kudaibergenoffPorsche 911 Concept
  • Car Image StudioAmerican Neoclassic
    У вас только один эскиз на эту тему? Не пытались ещё поработать над этой идеей? Мне кажется это крутое направление.

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ФИО: Rahmani Alisuda
Образование: self and single college art class(3 points Perspective,and Alkyd/Acrylics painting) and class for Pipes drafting class class at PCC (Pasadena City College),but not an art graduate
Языки: English, and Spanish,(My original Native Inca's languages are both Aymara&Quechua ) a little German, slightly French and Italian Arabic,& few words in Farsi(Persian) is My husband ,Born in Isfahan language) (He's Iranian),I try to learn Russian∧Ukrainian, when I have time..
Опыт: llama ,Alpaca∧Vicuna shepherdess,in the past,but now, trying to master,the Paint Shop Pro 7th version, on both windows XP & Windows 7.,since in the USA Paints,and brushes, etc,(art supplies) are too expensive,I prefers the computer assist painting &sketching with virtual tools inc. brushes etc.and CG program(application) Matrix manipulations, still the HP Inks, are getting extremely expensive, so I have to refill my ink cartridges, (Which ruined already 2 of my printers,due to leaked inks),I think refilling ink cartridges, it's also a good skill to know.,I even teach my son Roshan, how to do it.
О Себе: I'm just an enthusiastic pretty Inca Native,Mixed with Spaniard(The Conquerors),I love Sciences,Transport Motor vehicles of any kind,Songs&music,Human rights&Animal rights,History Geography History of Evolution (Change)(Sciences)history,Psychology,Psychiatry,Genetics
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  • Тема: HKV PickUp

    Fantastic design,Congratulatio ns,We are all very proud with your progress.You always have been doing, such magnificent works,that if Russians automotive manufacturers,were wise to hire you,they were much more successful with the results.I give you 5 points out of 5,Wish you all the very ...

    14 November 2019

  • Тема: FORD на любой вкус и кошелек

    Nice colors(colours) ,Good Bye America,Hello Russia.

    03 November 2019

  • Тема: Разное

    Dear Mr.Falcon(Sokol)Soko lov Nikita Alekseevich.Your efforts are well appreciated.However, If You choose the right subject ,I think that Putin's Motorcade vehicles' of the future,are an excellent subject to research.for a future possibility,and direction,I personally be very to you, ...

    02 November 2019

  • Тема: БМВ

    You made a big progress here,Good luck,

    30 October 2019

  • Тема: Среднемоторный спорткар

    Fantastic work,Ochen (k) harasho rabota(Kharashaya).Y ou need a little more patients,so you won't forget the door jambs.

    28 October 2019

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