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  • Тема: Военный грузовик 8х8

    Magnificent work, but....kindly please change the driver cab,so it'll reelect a more practical approach for such purpose.(what I mean,I'm using a Worthless Damned Yankee made wireless Keyboard,and when I type,it's malfunctions,and does NOT type all the letter,You see,it does NOT act in a to a ...

    06 April 2020

  • Тема: Delahaye "Rudiar ius" hypercar concept

    You welcome.welkommen Sie.

    05 April 2020

  • Тема: 《Street mapper》

    Очень хорошая работа

    04 April 2020

  • Тема: краз-6315

    Very nice work,is that of a concept(Prototype)?. from the past.You always doing professional grade fantastic artworks.

    03 April 2020

  • Тема: КВАДРО:ремейк

    We always enjoy your artistic aspiration, especially the nice colors(Colours) you chose ,Nowadays electric power is desired, as well as Shaft drive(s),I hope it'll help you.

    03 April 2020

  • Тема: G-NIVA 2020

    Magnificent,rendered and ray traced 3D presentation,very professional,in appearance, Design wise it's very important to keep with up to date trend,so if ever such is submitted to any given manufacturer,it has a more realistic chance to be accepted,Kindly please be updated about the new VAZ so ...

    03 April 2020

  • Тема: Delahaye "Rudiar ius" hypercar concept

    Nice Bugatti mixed with McLaren,But why you(and everybody else) is hooked on the name"Hypercar", what make it Hypercar?,What is Hypercar,or supercar for that matter ,If I were you,I'll call it Xamanyatze, same meaningless meaning.anyway,you do nice 3D,it would have been much nicer,if you to . ...

    30 March 2020

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