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  • coldrexBMW
  • soslanBugatti Cologne
    Thank a lot gorbe!))
  • gorbeBMW
    You got it,and guessed it just right,That's what BMW future may looks like Nostrils wise(Big/giant ones.WOW!.
  • gorbeBugatti Cologne
    Dear soslan,This is an excellent idea for you to have someone, manufacture it and market to many segments,in addition to aEau(water) d'(of) Cologne(Koeln,German y),eg Liqueur(Wine Champagne etc.) bottles(You know how many Drunkards in the world)?, You could get rich overnight,especially ...
  • Ханьков Роман (RKhankov)Проект Х6 Купе.
    Рисовал до появления Х5 и Х6М.

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